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Avelox Attacked – Shoulder dislocation & and the actual attack of Avelox on my legs/body.

The only reason I have decided to continue with this blog is because it got 10 hits today. 10 people out there saw it. Maybe they can warn other people.

How can I bring this moment to life through a wordpress blog…. I dont know but it was the worst moment I have ever had in my 23 years of life. I grabbed two solid steel dumbells each weighing 75lbs looked in the mirror took a deep breath yanked them up and walked to an incline bench press as I had done so many times in the past. I sat down with both weights on each knee, took a few more deep breaths and kicked them back in the air as hard as I could. This was effortless to me, I was in shape I had worked out for a year straight. I was as strong as an ox…. Everything worked back then all of my muscles, for hours at the gym.

The weight up and down effortlessly. Finally on the 8th rep I pushed up and again they went up in the air, I squeezed them together and began coming down…
POP my left shoulder dislocated from its socket because I took Avelox from Bayer. I had literally only seconds to react or I would have died… If 75lbs of solid steel hits your skull, well your dead….


But lets freeze time for a second and take this slow so you can understand. The left shoulder popped out of socket with 75lbs of solid steel still firmly gripped in the hand. The right arm instantly froze with the other 75lbs of steel, it locked up and stayed in the air, as if I paused it. Everything around me froze as well, all of my concentration, effort, strength and might went into the left shoulder immediately after I felt and heard the POP.  My instinct kicked in and said dont let go …PUSH… and As the 75lbs of steel pushed the ball out of the socket and backwards behind my bones my tendons were still connected by an act of god… and that means my muscles still had some control of the joint. I instantly PUSHED UP with EVERYTHING I HAD… the tendons were being pushed downward by 75lbs and then upward by my muscles.  But you  cant stop a train can you? The weight still feel, the ball was still out of the socket. I only delayed it enough for someone to come in and grab it and ask me what happened. I didnt know what happened…  I popped my own shoulder back in  and swung it around to make sure… I had full range of motion and no immediate weakness… But soon after I got home the ball just kept sliding out of the socket. I hung up my work out gloves that day and never saw them again since but  that isnt because of the dislocation …. that is because of AVELOX and the ATTACK on my ENTIRE BODY.

Over the next three weeks I felt a change in my body. I experienced sharp cork screw like nerve pain all over my body. It would happen and then stop but it left behind loose joints that popped and clicked. My knees began to hurt, it felt like someone was smashing them with a hammer every step I took and that someone had sprinkled glass shards in each joint. My right shoulder tore as I favored it while the left one was in a sling. What was happening to me… I thought I was dieing.. I used to be this big strong guy and now it felt like something was destroying every single part of my body..

I rushed to doctors and PTs and experts and then it really happened.

I was laying in my bed… and both hamstring tendons in the buttox on both legs and behind the knee INFLAMED, both glutes INFLAMED, everything in the knees inflamed, and all I could do was lye on the bed in agony and hit the wall screaming… Henry Ford hospital did nothing and booted me out.  I tried to walk after that but I couldn’t My knees wobbled as if they would rip from the skin at any moment.


To be continued… – anonymous

Who am I? It doesnt matter. Just another poisoned by Avelox Victim, an antibiotic made by Bayer pharmaceuticals.

A message to Bayer pharmaceuticals. Why create Avelox? Avelox is human killer in a bottle. I do not have a specific reason for creating this blog. Maybe it is to spread awareness to save people from Avelox. Maybe it is to track my pain on a day to day basis so I can look back months and see if I have improved or if I have not. I do not mean to scare people but this is the reality and I would like to share it. If you take Avelox by Bayer pharmaceuticals chances are you will experience body wide Tendon, Joint, Ligament, Nerve, Muscle, and Bone pain. Your selection becomes loose and unglued, your tendons inflame and become damaged with every little movement, your nerves light on fire, your muscles rip apart and do not regenerate. This is a gruesome experience. Avelox decapitates your body from the inside out as all you can do is sit and cry and watch every single thing you ever loved doing fade away…

More to come soon about Avelox and Bayer pharmaceuticals. by the way if you try posting on their facebook wall they delete you. I will advocate as long as possible.